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Ballysillan Primary School Ballysillan Park, Belfast

Primary 5

A Wonderful Start to Primary 5 

We have had an excellent start to the new school year in Primary 5. We have all settled in very well to our new class.

We have learnt a lot in all areas of the curriculum from the beginning of the year including; numeracy, literacy, WAU, ICT and art.

Our topic this term was WWII, we learnt about evacuees, rationing, the Blitz and many more. In art, we created a picture of the Blitz using paint and black card. We were really happy with the end result!

In literacy this term we developed a range of skills that enabled us to write in lots of different genres. We used Talked for Writing to learn a diary entry from Anne Frank, we then innovated it and wrote our very own. We used tea bags to stain our paper and give an olden affect, as if the diary entry was from during WWII.

In numeracy, we have covered a range of topics including time, money and area. We were very fortunate to have a zoom call from a plumber who informed us how important area is in his job! He showed us what he used to find the area of a room and the calculation he used to find out the area. This then enabled us to calculate the area of squares and rectangles independently. We really enjoyed this real life learning experience.

We have been focusing on developing our well-being this term and we can see major benefits in our behaviour and concentration as a result. From September, we participated in a daily mile every single day. We really enjoyed doing this as it gave us a chance to exercise whilst talking to our friends! From the beginning of December, we started implementing mindfulness into our everyday school life. We love doing mindfulness as it calms us down after play time and we are focused and ready to begin our learning!

We have lots of different awards in our school that motivate to work hard and show good behaviour. On a Friday we can receive; Star of the Week, Eco Award, Star Writer or Super Reader awards.

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15th Dec 2020
We have had an excellent start to the new school year in Primary 5. We have all settled...